KAS DIAS CB ‘Cooperation Forum for CB Spirituality Actualization and CB Spirituality Actualization Dialogue’

      Internal activities carried out by the All Indonesia CB Foundation in 5 regions, namely: Jakarta, West Java, Yogyakarta, Kupang, and Sumatra with the theme “Implementation of ICARE in the Digital Era to Improve Competitive Health Service Quality” which was held for 3 days in Jakarta on 09-11 September 2022.


      This event was attended by hospitals that use the Medinfras Hospital Information and Management System (HIS), both RS. Carolus Jakarta, Cahya Kawaluyan Hospital Bandung, Bandung Santo Borromeus Hospital which is a group of the Carolus Borromeus Foundation. Of course, with the trust given by the hospital, we continue to provide the best service to the hospital to support the management process to be more effective and efficient. PT. QIS together with our partner is SYSMEX which provides health products for clinical laboratories and hospitals and together with PT. SABA INDOMEDIKA as a distributor.



     We are also here to answer the needs of hospitals regarding Hospital Management Information Systems (HIS) and health product needs. Through this sharing, hospitals also share what are the obstacles, one of which is considered not to have comprehensive IT management, so that it becomes an obstacle to the implementation and development of a Management Information System (HIS). The development of a Hospital Management Information System (HIS) by the hospital internally certainly requires a hospital management information system that is integrated with quite a lot of resources so that the Hospital Management Information System (HIS) is an integrated hospital management information system solution. hospital for digital transformation with experience that has been carried out during implementation at the hospital. Our Hospital Management Information System (HIS) has a medical record recording system that integrates all hospital service process flows in real-time to obtain a hospital management information system (HIS).

     With decades of experience, PT. QIS is committed to assisting the development of industry in Indonesia including the health sector through the Medinfras Hospital Management Information System (HIS). Integrated with various superior healthcare services such as insurance services to payment services. With the advantages of this solution, it will facilitate the hospital administration process so that queues for patients and prospective patients can be minimized. Technological support in the digital age like today is really needed. With a Hospital Management Information System (HIS) where data is integrated, it will facilitate administrative processes and other data management in hospitals to be easier and more efficient. These benefits not only have a positive impact on various parties in the hospital, but also for patients and society in general.

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