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In recent years, healthcare service industry is progressing, and one of the trending breakthrough is the transformation from ‘paper-based’ to ‘digital-based’, which is known as Electronic Medical Records (EMR). The purpose of EMR is to increase the quality of data record, improving patient’s safety, and minimizing errors in treating patient. The significant function of using EMR is to diminish the use of paper, providing fast, accurate, and actual medical information data.

Patient Management

Patient is the priority asset in healthcare service industry, thus all the healthcare organization’s assignment should prioritize and focus in patients’ need (patient-centered care). Medinfras’ Patient Management Module enable healthcare organizations to apply systematic and integrated registration and billing (admission system) from outpatients, inpatients, emergency, through imaging/radiology, laboratory, and pharmacy, and other medical support patients.

Inventory Management

Medical apparatus (pharmaceutical and other medical equipment) is the most necessary in healthcare organization operations. Medinfras inventory management module can manage drug/medicine inventory, medical equipment, and general item stock (non-medical goods) instantaneously and accurately. The system can provide information in time-scale and dynamic minimum-maximum amount. The system can covers transactions from procurement, reception, distribution, to expense. Both inventory and expense transaction will be automatically recorded in electronic inventory card, which can be audited at any time.


Nurses are a constant presence caring of patient and regularly interact with physicians, pharmacists, families, and all other members of the health care team. Of all the members of the health care team, nurses therefore play a critically important role in ensuring patient safety by monitoring patients. Performing nursing treatment with nursing care module of Medinfras enables nurse to render standardized diagnose and treatment base on Nanda-I, NIC, NOC, along with the integrated notes between the nurse and the doctor.

Financial Management

Effective and efficient financial management cash-in and cash-out can be regarded as the ratio and benchmark to measure the health of healthcare organization’s operational. Medinfras’ financial module management is capable to manage account payable, account receivable, cash treasury, and medical service of honorarium doctor.


All financial, inventory, and data-related transaction is proceed automatically generate un-posting general ledger transaction by interface journal. After posting, trial balance, balance sheet, income statement will be created instantly and it can be break down by unit/department.


Patients’ recovery and health not only depending on the medicine, but also the nutrition they are consuming. Medinfras provides nutrition module to simplify nutrition information, which is provided through food menu, patients’ diet, food order, distribution meal, as well as meal evaluation.

Pivot Reporting

Pivot report can give ad-hoc information to the management, where the management report is supposed to be fast, fluctuated format, and having multi-dimension data. Medinfras’ pivot report module makes healthcare organization’s management freely and flexibly perform analysis and decision-making, at ease.

Hospital Queue System

We offer centralized console to manage all of your services. Makes patient in service area more informed, Improve admission/counter staff efficient and Reduce patient wait time and service time considerably

Hospital Digital Signage

Delivers important alerts and announcement, Share upcoming events and awareness seminars, Added revenue through targeted advertising and Stream live video or Television

Our benefits

Extended benefits from choosing MEDINFRAS as your Healthcare IT

Good Implementation Method

To accommodate unique healthcare organization needs and creating integrated solution, measurable implementation methodology is needed. We have seven implementation stages; project initialization, business process, custom requirement, final preparation, live preparation, go live, and project review. Within those implementations stages, the progress and improvement of the project is well-documented, and controllable together with the healthcare organization management.

Nice Customer Support

To ensure system’s stability, we provide support and system maintenance in a form of help desk, remote support, bug fixing, on-the-site visit, and emergency support as a guarantee after the go live stage. As a tool to create customer’s satisfaction, both application of service support and system maintenance depend on system issues priority.

Great Web-Based Solution

As of the state of the art of technology, web programming becomes a future development technology and a high mobility technology supported by “cloud computing” method.

Medinfras is a web based application and developed based on object oriented programming and modular design for easy implementation according to healthcare requirements.

IT Cost will reduce significantly if a wide implementation from the web application are used on several sites.

Our experiences

We have many experiences and helps Healthcare IT implementation in hospitals and clinics across Indonesia since the year of 1992

MEDINFRAS compliances

Our healthcare software complied to the following standards in healthcare industry

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